Sacred Journey Retreat Testimonials


I wish I could find the words for a testimonial that would do the retreat experience justice. It definitely exceeded my wildest expectations--a profound and joyful experience that lives up to the so-often-misused word, "spiritual" in every way. I will carry its magic in my heart and soul always!

— Joan Selby

Our Sacred Journey Retreat in Tepoztlán was everything I thought it would be...and much more. I was hoping for magic and the gifts and knowledge I received were magical. Many thanks and much appreciation to you for putting the trip together and gently overseeing us, so we each got what we needed.

— Still flying, Virginia

I got in touch with my animal spirit on this trip, something I was not even sure existed. I loved this journey.

— Laura Beazley

Well what can I say but you all ROCK. I had so many exceptional AH-HA moments, it was totally awsome. I never have FELT so much good STUFF go on and on and on. You all touched my heart in so many amazing ways. I have returned home to my darling children and my path continues to bring me more peaceful and focused then ever. I, GOD willing, plan to return next JULY 2006 with one friend for sure and a few more possiblities. When ever I meditate Ibring you all to mind and I smile!

— Wendy Laurensen - Vancouver, Canada

Oh my God, I have been crying and laughing and reliving every moment of the retreat. My heart is opening for the first time in a long time. I want to thank you, again, for Stepping Up, Showing Up, and "Making a Difference"sharing " wisdom and caring" that brings so much beauty and wellness to this world. Each time I am with this goddess energy, another part of my soul unfolds to the remembrance of who I am and how connected I am to Spirit. I am already making plans for next year!!!! Once again, I am in Love with Life and am so excited and grateful for all of the miracles that are unfolding moment to moment.

— Sherry Blades, Nashville, Tennesse

Elaine, this retreat was the most powerful experience of my life! The first two days i was withdrawn and continually crying. By the end of the trip i was dancing !!! The support i received was over whelming. .SO Look out world... Here i come!

— Elizabeth Madrigal- Santa Barbara, California

The time spent with all of you has deeply altered the dna in my body and the vibration of my soul. Thank you – each and every one – for contributing to me so lovingly and generously. Watching our beauty and power unfold into such an incredible kaleidoscope of feminine energy is one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I am looking forward with eager anticipation see you all again next year.

— Judy Adler-Morris Austin,

I feel FABULOUS! The trip keeps percolating in my consciousness and cells. My shoulder issue is almost healed, some major magic took p l ace there. I will be back next year.

— Mary Thomajan - Austin Texas

I absolutely loved the location of the retreat, our beautfifuL hotel and Tepotzlan. I loved the rituals and the group sharing. I loved every minute of the retreat. The food was wonderful. I will send my phtos I took to share soon.

— Love and respect, Jeannine Owens

I absolutely fell in love with what I experienced in Mexico. What can I say? I did not want to come back. My mind drifts back to my memories day long.

— Love, Dorayne Breedlove

I just wanted to write and tell you that I am now sure that a rather major shift occurred since our trip. By this time of year I am a frazzle with the new school year. But since I've been home I've been so calm and unstressed. I have been doing meditation on a regular basis and I know that's part of it. But I am amazed at how differently I react to things. I have been painting lots of silk scarves.

— Peace and blessings,Judith Pasco

I was so transformed on this trip. I felt as if I had come back home. I am exploring how I can move there. I want to go back.

— Love, Joyce Whitecotton

I was healed from 26 years of taking drugs on this journey. I threw them over the mountainside. I will go home in a much healthier state and face what I need to face. Thanks for the miralces I had here.

— Love, Maggie

I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful trip.. I think the care and thought that you extended to each of us is a true miracle! I do not know how you do it. You are an amazing ladyand I so appreciate your personal attention. It is truly your gifting! Upon returning, I am calmer and feeling more "centered" about several things. So this was a nice bonus! I look forward to another one of your adventures. So count me in!

— Much Love, Janine

I thoroughy enjoyed my time with you. I think we were an awesome group of people. There is no doubt in my mind we are a group gathering of old souls. I particulary liked your Mexico staff that helped us tour. I had past life memories in that monastery. The sweat lodge was a sacred experience. The yoga and meditation were wonderful. I plan to come again.

— Jackie Blecher

My most valuable experiences on my sacred journey were the Temazcal Sweat Lodge which was a healer to my physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and secondly, the reading by Alex was a validation of my purpose and journey in life. I loved my time journaling the the "magic" of Tepoztlan and the hotel! As I have reutrned home, I am significally aware of my "expansive awareness" and personal energy and strength. I will always remember the importance of these experiences as they relate to my spiritual life!

— Elena Bobadilla

Elaine Dodson's Sacred Journey was inspiring and transformational! I faced my fears and embraced the empowerment of femininity and victory. Nineteen women arrived tired, overworked and in need of rejuvenation. We cleansed in the waterfall's healing waters, and learned how to trust ourselves and others. The rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit while embracing "sacred women's time", filled with fun & giggles. It was truly an extraordinary journey!

— In Love & Respect, Sherri Reed, Sanctuary for Life


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