Past Sacred Journeys

Sacred Journey Retreats are life-changing transformational journeys that nurture your soul. These are not your typical sightseeing trips, but a full immersion into the culture, rituals and experiences of sacred areas. Join us on a journey that will change your life… forever.

Our journeys include visits to the cultural attractions, including Mountains, Sacred Pyramids, and Native Shopping Tours. Our guides lead you through the cities and surrounding areas, educating you on the cultural and spiritual history.

The retreats themself include Yoga, Massage, Drumming, Meditation, Tibetan Rites, Swimming and so much more.

We invite you to visit our Sacred Journey Retreats of the past. All our journeys focus on a transformation of Body... Mind... Spirit.

Tepoztlán, Mexico 2012


The focus for 16th Goddess Retreat was The Divine Feminine is awakened. The Stage Is Set! 24 women called to stand in the Sacred Circle And BEAR WITNESS to the transforming ability of LOVE. Honoring the call to Love, Restoring and Empowering.

An Extraordinary, Life-Changing Body, Mind, Spirit Retreat For Women To Nurture Their Souls.

Our home base was the romantic Tepoztlán, a well-known spiritual center where energy and mysticism converge. For three millenia this valley has been home to shamans, healers, and artisans. The power that drew the ancients still remains. Home to Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent god, this is an area of transformation and regeneration. It is a sacred women's power site where Aztec priestesses were trained.

The accommodations were an exquisite mountaintop hacienda, Posada del Tepoztec, with breathtaking mountain views, terraced gardens, relaxing pools and plenty of sacred spaces for quiet reflection. This was a place to slow down and listen

Tepoztlán, Mexico 2011


This dynamic, life-changing retreat was La Buena Vibra Retreat and Spa, a charming, intimate refuge nestled at the foot of the magical Tepoztlán mountains. La Buena Vibra featured a well-known Yogi chef, a large, organic garden and first-class spa facilities.

Relax . . . Renew . . . Rejuvenate . . . Regenerate

La Buena Vibra’s luxurious setting, designed for relaxation, rejuvenation and refocusing, will help you integrate and anchor this unique retreat experience—body, mind and spirit. The focus was: Regenerate your body, cultivate peace of mind, and nurture your soul.High in the Sierra Madres of central Mexico and a short distance from Mexico City, Tepoztlán was a place to refresh, rejuvenate…and maybe even be reborn. This was a time to break away and find your inner goddess.

Tepoztlán, Mexico 2004 - 2009


The Sacred Journeys from 2004 to 2009 began high in the Sierra Madre Mountains, an area known as “The Place of Eternal Spring,” in the village of Tepoztlán, center for local artists and healers, where the Aztecs once trained their Medicine Women. Staying in a five star mountaintop hacienda with scenic mountain views, terraced gardens, relaxing pools and quiet reflection spots the attendees enjoyed feeling the warmth of the sun on their skin, waking up to the sounds of the birds in the trees, smelling the fragrance of the blooming bougainvilleas in the breeze of the mystical mountains.

Attendees said “As they looked over the valley at the at the ancient pyramid, they knew they had been here before… and know, they would never be the same.”

We began each day practicing the Tibetan Rites on the garden terrace where we watched the town, like ourselves, begin to awaken. The days started with meditation sessions and morning classing covering a variety of topics such as beauty, wellness, health and regeneration.

Other activities included: Drumming class at the local eco village, Shopping in the native markets, Pampering sessions, Relaxing by the pool, or, just time for you.

The highlight of the trip was a guided journey, with a local, native shaman, to top of the pyramid where Aztec priestesses were trained. This transformative experience culminated in a private Temazcal sweat lodge ceremony designed to help you release what you have discovered you don’t need anymore.

At the end of each evening the Wise Women’s Circle convened to help process the day, catch your breathe, laugh, celebrate and share with each other the magical transformation happening right before your eyes. These journeys were Life-Changing Transformations. The women that attended returned home renewed, rejuvenated and inspired

We tell registrants when they sign up for a Sacred Journey Retreat "You will not come back the same."

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NOTICE: Sacred Journey Retreats is not liable for any accidents or illness incurred while partisipating on one of our retreats.

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